Girls Climbing

We offer trips and tours for girls also, so they can enjoy the adventure of climbing at their own comfort. We also have female climbing experts for these trips.

Ice Climbing

Some clients wants to go for ice climbing with their friends and families. So our organization provide them expert professionals for ice climbing trips.

Expert Climbers

We have a team of professional climbing experts with an experience of 25+ years. Our trainers provide best training and safety tips to every clients.

Rental Equipments

We also provide rental equipment to those clients who want to go climbing alone. We provide the best quality equipment to all clients for their safety.

Climbing Practices

Our inspection focuses on the safety and performance of the climber. We provide training services, safety tips and equipments to our clients before the trip.

Strength Checkup

We also provide health checkup to test the strength and level of stress of every client before the trip. Client's safety is the first priority of our organization.

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